Shock & Vibration datalogger AccStick

Shock & Vibration datalogger AccStick This is a data logger for capturing a shock and a vibration event. The extremely small device with built-in 3D accelerometer, flash- memory and rechargeable battery has been released. 3D acceleration waveforms are captured via high speed sampling, at 1600Hz max. Measured data can be described and converted to .csv

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Portable Spectrocolorimeter CC-m

Quality color measurement within your grasp CC-m is a Portable Spectrocolorimeter. It is great for measuring the surface of large specimens on site. Its vertical structure allows the user to use it in nearly any situation, such as measuring in narrow spaces and measuring rough surfaces. Its large colour LCD touch panel makes it easy

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Portable Spectrocolorimeter CC-m45

Quality colour measurement within your grasp Main Features Easy operation for first time users through use of 4.3 inch large screen colour LCD panel 3 most frequently used functions (zero adjustment / adjust to standard / measurement) are easily operated by “m” switch on the side Highest stability in class achieved by continuous monitoring of

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Colour Cute i (Spectro Colour Meter) CC-iS

Making sophisticated colour evaluations more affordable Main Features Compact portable design which can be used at any location Provides highly precise and stable measurements through adoption of spectrophotometry using small spectroscope Swithcable between measurements excluding specular light(8deg:de) and measurements including specular light (8deg:de) Easy operation for first time users through adoption of colour LCD touch

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