• Ultra-lightweight (2 grams)
• Ergonomically designed grip
• Low impedance (Isotron®) output

Useful measurements of mode shapes on very light structures require excitation from a very low mass exciter with a high resonance frequency (300 kHz). These outstanding features are available with the Endevco 2301 mini modal hammer. The hammer structure features very high stiffness and low head mass (only 2 grams). The ergonomically designed grip provides optimal hammer control thus reducing the possibilities of “double hits”. The sensitivity is 100 mV/lbf (22.7 N).

Some applications include disc drive read heads, turbine blades and many other lightweight structures.

The fixed impact tip is manufactured from case hardened 17-4 stainless steel. Frequency response can be controlled by using layers of tape in the impact area, or by the supplied extender mass.

The hammer features an Isotron impedance converter providing an IEPE output which is compatible with most FFT analyzers and data acquisition systems. Endevco’s 4416B single channel signal conditioner or the model 133 three channel conditioner are recommended for use with this hammer series. To excite larger structures, see the 2302 general purpose modal hammer and the series of sledge hammers.

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