• Charge Mode, no external power required
• Rigid quartz elements
• Stiff construction
• Measure compression and tension

The Endevco® model 2312 is a quartz, piezoelectric force transducer for use with high force vibration exciters. Its wide temperature range makes it suitable for operation in combined environment testing (vibration and temperature). It is useful in modal analysis where the testing might require more than one amplitude range. The stainless steel body and quartz sensing elements are used for maximum rigidity. The high resonance frequency of the Endevco model 2312 allows for the accurate measurement of short duration, fast rise time force transients.

Designed for use with a charge amplifier, the output is negative for compression and positive for tension. The electrical connector exits axially for use in installations where space is limited. A 1/4 – 28 tapped mounting hole is provided in the upper platen to accept an impact cap or for threaded attachment to a test article.

Endevco model 133 or OASIS are recommended signal conditioners for use with the 2312 force sensors.


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