7.5kW Super Xenon Weather Meter SX75

SX75 accelerates the degradation of materials by exposing them to simulated outdoor and indoor environments such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain and dews, allowing users to estimate the lifespan of materials in a short period of time. With Suga’s original 7.5kW water-cooled xenon arc lamp as the light source, the instrument simulates sunlight at irradiance of 180W/m2, which is three times higher than that of solar ultraviolet (approx. 60 W/m2). SX75 is the first apparatus in the world that enables high irradiance tests. THis model contributes to saving test time and costs, fulfilling the demands of our customers. With excellent correlation with outdoor exposure and acceleration, SX75 is widely used in various industries, such as automobile, paint, plastic, rubber, metal, construction, textile and digital color printing.