•Small Size
•20 and 100 g Full Scale
•DC Response
•Motion Studies

The ENDEVCO® Model 7265A series, with sensitivity up to 25 mV/g, is a family of very low mass (6 gram), piezoresistive accelerometers designed for flutter testing, biomedical motion studies, and similar applications requiring high sensitivity, good low frequency response and minimum mass loading.

The Model 7265A series has viscous damping to extend the useful high frequency range and to reduce the effects of spurious high frequency excitation. Mechanical stops prevent damage when the transducer is subjected to overrange shock. The Model 7265A series utilizes two of ENDEVCO’s PIEZITE® P-11 silicon gages and two fixed resistors in a full-bridge circuit. This configuration provides a low impedance output of 500 mV full scale with 10 Vdc excitation.

The Model 7265A has a sensitivity of 5 mV/g and a full scale of 100 g. The Model 7265A-HS (high sensitivity) has a very high sensitivity of 25 mV/g with a full scale of 20 g.

ENDEVCO Model 136 Three-Channel System, Model 4430A or OASIS 2000 Computer- Controlled System are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply.


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