•Miniature, Triaxial
•Lightweight (0.4gm)
•DC Response
•Rugged, Undamped
•Mechanical Overtravel Stops

The ENDEVCO® 7269 is a miniature, triaxial accelerometer for measuring three orthogonal axes simultaneously. Because of the small size and lightweight, the 7269 is ideal for biomechanics research such as the study of head injuries. Applications include testing of ejection seats, heads-up displays and sports helmets. Weighing only 0.4 grams, they can be used for making measurements on light structures with a minimum of mass loading. The extremely small size allows for installation in hard to access areas or on small electronic assemblies.

The 7269 utilizes three advanced micromachined sensors designed for ruggedness, high output and a high resonance frequency. The sensors include integral mechanical stops and internal diodes are provided for electrostatic discharge protection. Each accelerometer has a full scale output of 400 mV using 10 Vdc excitation. The accelerometer has minimum damping, thereby producing negligible phase shift over the specified frequency range. The frequency response extends down to DC (steady state) acceleration, making it ideal for measuring long duration transient shocks.

The ENDEVCO Model 4430A or Oasis 2000 Computer-Controlled System are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply.


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