S&M Colour Meter SM-T

The S&M series, a colour meter for direct readings of tristimulus values, have steadily become more advanced through the course of history. Ensuring highly accurate measurements and cost effectiveness along with providing various measurement parameters and graph features, these colour meters are widely used as the most popular models in various industries. SM-T provides the geometry of 8 degree incidence and diffuse illumination viewing. Suga’s “TM double beam” method allows for high accuracy and stability of colorimetry. The white calibration plate, essential for colour measurement, is traceable to the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. S&M series are calibrated by Suga’s technology accredited by the Japan Calibration Service System. The also provide blue, green, and red standard plates for maintenance, ensuring their reliability. By using optional wireless communication system (Bluetooth), the measurement data can be easily sent to PC (within the communication distance of 10m)