Table Sun XT750 XT750L

A compact device with excellent cost-performance

The XT750 / XT750L is a tabletop device with a compact installation footprint, ideal for testing various small lightweight samples such as paper, stationeries, medicines, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products.

Seamlessly integrated with an air-cooled 750W xenon lamp.

XT750 / XT750L is capable of automatic regulation within the range of 2000 ~ 30000 Lx. Together with its large 25cm x 25cm specimen stand and the TM reflective mirror, it efficiently irradiates all of the light emitted from the lamp, allowing for uniform irradiation across the entire surface area of specimens.
XT750 maintains the temperature at the installation site temperature plus 10°C; ± 2°C, and XT750L (refridgerator built-in) regulates the temperature within the range of 25°C to 60°C.
AN air-cooled 1.5kW xenon lamp model is also available.