• 22-R available as replacement sensor
  • World’s smallest accelerometer
  • Extremely light weight (0.14 gm)
  • Adhesive mounting
  • Ground isolated
  • Scale model, circuit board, disk drive testing

The Endevco® model 22 Picomin™ is the world’s smallest piezoelectric accelerometer, designed specifically for vibration measurement on small objects such as scaled models, circuit boards, and disk drives. Its light weight, (0.14 gm) effectively eliminates mass loading effects. The transducer is designed to have reverse polarity with respect to acceleration going into the mounting base. The accelerometer is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

The model 22 features Endevco’s Piezite® type P-8 crystal element, operating in radial shear mode, which exhibits excellent output sensitivity stability over time. Signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface of the unit by a hard anodized surface. Specially designed low-noise coaxial cable is supplied for error-free operation. A tool is included in the shipping case to ensure proper removal of the cable and transducer in the field. Endevco signal conditioner models 133 or Oasis 2000 computer-controlled system are recommended for use with this high impedance accelerometer.

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