• High-g shock
  • Industry Standard
  • Rugged – requires no external power
  • Annular shear
  • Shock measurements on test articles and structures


The Endevco® models 2225 and 2225M5A are lightweight piezoelectric accelerometers designed specifically for measuring high-g shock on structures and test articles. These sensors are the industry standard for shock accelerometers. The model 2225 features a 10-32 threaded hole, while the model 2225M5A features a 1/4-28 threaded hole for additional mounting integrity needed during high-g shock. The accelerometer is a selfgenerating device that requires no external power source for operation.

Models 2225 and 2225M5A feature Endevco’s Piezite® type P-8 and P-10 crystal elements respectively, operating in annular shear mode. These specially designed crystals exhibit low base strain sensitivity, high resonance frequency, and excellent output stability over time. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit. The accelerometer features a 10-32 top connector and requires a low-noise coaxial cable for error-free operation.

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