• Rugged construction
• Four interchangeable faces
• IEPE (Isotron®)

Endevco’s instrumented sledge hammers provide a convenient and economical means of exciting large structures. The one and three pound hammers are designed for exciting such structures as machinery, shafts, large beams, pipelines, storage tanks and other large structures. The 12-pound hammer can be used on larger structures including bridges, buildings, decks and floors.

The modal hammer excites the structure with a constant force over a frequency range of interest. Four interchangeable tips are provided which determine the width of the input pulse and thus the bandwidth. Typical force spectra produced with different tips are shown on the right.

Each hammer is constructed with a hardwood handle and a cast iron head. The electrical cable is routed internally and terminates to a BNC connector on the end of the handle.

The hammer features an Isotron® impedance converter providing an IEPE output which is compatible with most FFT analyzers and data acquisition systems.

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