Vacuum Oven

Overview of Equipment:

VAC series

Fundamental equipment for electronics production

These units has been exclusively designed for vacuum heat treatment such as defoaming, deaerating, hardening or drying, essential processes in the production of electronic components.

Eco model
Thanks to improved air-tightness and sealing capacity, the chamber achieves 20 to 40% savings in energy consumption. (Compared to previous model)
Program operation
Control programs possible by combining temperature and 5 pressure operation modes.
Variety of options
More than 20 options are available to meet customers’ needs.
Model Temperature & pressure range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
VAC-101P +40 to +200°C (+104 to +392°F) / 933 to 1×102Pa W450×H450×D450 / W902×H1392×D780
VAC-201P W600×H600×D600 / W1052×H1532×D930
VAC-301P W800×H800×D800 / W1252×H1772×D1130

LCV series

Photo: LCV series

Model Temperature & pressure range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
LCV-233 Ambient temperature to +200°C (+392F) / (Gauge) 0 to -101kPa W450×H450×D450 / W670×H890×D700
LCV-343 W550×H550×D550 / W770×H990×D800


VAC series

Uncompromising energy-saving mechanisms
Max. 40% of energy savings can be achieved through various structure improvements: superior insulation materials’ use, enhanced door lock, etc. for better insulation and air-tightness.
Flexible programming of the operation mode
A wide variety of programs can be designed by combining constant and programmed temperature operations with one of the 5 pressure operation modes (Automated operation, continuous operation, open to atmosphere, gas exchange, and ventilation operation) Up to 40 patterns can be set, with 99 steps per pattern programmable.
Double-layered interior construction
The interior of the vacuum chamber is equipped of a double structure. A heater surrounding the internal chamber allows great uniformity performance by minimizing heat loss.
Revamp high-speed processing controller
User-friendly configuration allows easy operation of the different commands. Bright touch panel with speedy information processing.
Register test patterns
Up to 40 patterns for program operation and 3 patterns for constant operation can be registered.
Broad range of options
Over 20 options available to best suit your application.
Expert Mode (Option)
Control of the pressure increase / decrease can be achieved in 6 stages; an operation is memorized when performed the first time and can be called up to accurately repeat the process.
Viewing window (Option)
Slightly curved viewing window, eliminating any exterior reflection.
Figure: Power consumption comparison of vacuum pumps under automated operation mode
Figure: Double-layered construction of the test area
Photo: P-Instrumentation
Photo: Pressure operation (Expert Mode)
Pressure operation (Expert Mode)
Photo: Viewing window
Viewing window

LCV series

Direct heating system for fast vacuum-dry
In addit ion to the ga s exchange function, it can treat specimens in oxygen-free atmospheres using nitrogen or other gases, and supports baking, degassing, hardening, deaeration and numerous other applications.
Easy operation
Temperature setting and upper/lower temperature limit alarm setting can be done with simple key operation.
Photo: Direct heating system for fast vacuum-dry
Graph: Temperature heat-up time (Example)
* Measurement results above are shown as an example.

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