Industrial Ovens Temperature Chamber with Rotating Specimen Rack

Overview of Equipment:

For heat degradation test

Based on the PH temperature chambers design, this oven has been developed to conduct heat degradation test on rubber, plastics, polyethylene and vinyl. It can also be used as a conventional temperature chamber by removing the rack.

Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
GPH-102 Ambient temp. +20°C (+36°F) to +200°C (+392°F) W450×H450×D450 / W1040×H820×D635
GPH-202 W600×H600×D600 / W1190×H970×D785
GPHH-102 Ambient temp. +20°C (+36°F) to +300°C (+572°F) W450×H450×D450 / W1040×H820×D635
GPHH-202 W600×H600×D600 / W1190×H970×D785


Suitable for heat deterioration test
Based on the PH Temperature Chambers, these models incorporate a detachable rotating specimen rack and is especially designed for heat deterioration testing of rubbers and plastics including polyesters and vinyls.

Equipped with a rotating specimen rack
The rack drive unit is installed inside, enhancing function and lending them a simple appearance. By removing the rack, this equipment may also be operated as an ordinary temperature chamber.

Photo: Test area  Test area

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