• Portable, rechargeable battery
• Ideal for in-situ end-to-end calibration
• Calibrates/tests accelerometer types: – charge mode piezoelectric – voltage mode piezoelectric
• Test range: up to 10 g’s,
• 10 Hz to 10 kHz
• Calibration traceable to NIST
• Integral printer provides handy record
• Internal memory for over 1600 tests
• RS-232 interface transfers field data
• 14-point calibration report traceable to NIST included

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The Endevco® model 28959F/FV portable calibrator is designed to provide precision calibration for various types of accelerometers in the field. It is also perfect for test engineers and technicians needing on-site end-to-end calibration of their complete measurement chain.

Model 28959F/FV is a self-contained system which includes built-in vibration exciter, signal generator, computer-controlled amplifier/servo mechanism, reference accelerometer, thermal printer, RS-232 serial interface, LCD display screen, signal conditioners and all necessary connectors and mounting accessories. The unit can be powered by AC line voltage or its internal rechargeable batteries. The calibrator is very powerful yet user-friendly. Operation may be learned quickly by inexperienced operators.

Model 28959F/FV is designed to accept charge and voltage mode piezoelectric accelerometers directly. Test amplitude is adjustable up to 10 g’s over the frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 kHz. An internal reference accelerometer traceable to NIST serves as the comparison standard. Internal static RAM stores over 1600 test results. Sensitivity is supplied in English or metric engineering units. An automatic selftest feature provides measurement integrity at every power-up.

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