• Built-in model 2270M18 standard accelerometer
• High performance beryllium armature
• Wide frequency range 2 Hz to 40 kHz
• 10 mm stroke with unique air bearing

The Endevco® model 2911 shaker is designed specifically for the demanding requirements of comparison accelerometer calibration. By combining a high-performance beryllium armature with a 10 mm stroke displacement, and a unique air-bearing suspension system, Meggitt Sensing Systems is able to provide a shaker with characteristics superior to any other equipment used for calibrating accelerometers and velocity pickups. The performance characteristics of the model 2911 standard-shaker are in its unique design using the model 2270M18 beryllium alloy armature containing a built-in Endevco primary vibration standard accelerometer. With the resonance frequency of the built-in standard far above the armature resonance, the 2911 performs accurate sensitivity and frequency response calibrations at frequencies up to 20k Hz and for resonance frequency searches up to 40k Hz, virtually free of waveform distortion and transverse motion.

The model 2911 is designed to be an integral part of the Endevco Automated Accelerometer Calibration System (AACS). AACS is a complete automated system, and its advanced software and signal conditioning that makes maximum use of the 2911.

In addition, Meggitt Sensing Systems recommends the use of the model 2270M8 transfer standard accelerometer as a means of maintaining the calibration of the 2911 shaker at the user’s facility.The 2270M8 has been specifically developed for calibrating back-to-back primary standard accelerometers

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