• Shock sensor calibrator

Shock sensor calibratorEndevco’s comparison shock calibrator model 2925 provides an accurate and controlled means of shock sensitivity calibration of accelerometers. The POP is designed to be used with the model 2270 family of back-to-back comparison calibration standard accelerometers. Calibrations are performed at accelerations from 20 g to well above 10 000 g at half-sine pulse durations from 3 ms to 100 µs. The system can be used manually in a stand-alone mode, or in a fully computercontrolled mode.

A Pneumatically Operated Projectile (POP) contained in a barrel is released at a selected air pressure level. The projectile impacts an anvil to which the unit under test and the back-to-back reference accelerometer are mounted. Pressure is regulated with a voltage-controlled regulator, and released with an electrically operated poppet. When the impact occurs, the anvil lifts off a rubber mount, flies a short distance, and is captured by a cushioned fixture. Desired accelerations and pulse durations are produced using combinations of four anvils, two masses, cushion thicknesses and continuously adjustable pressure settings. The POP system provides considerably higher shock levels than is available with dropped ball techniques. The wide pulse durations available give flexibility in analysis and reduce the need for filtering.

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