• Allows simulation of a piezoelectric transducer charge output
• Precision 1000 pF shielded capacitor
• Used for charge amplifier calibration
• Converts voltage to charge
• Easy to use

The Endevco® model 2947C is a stable, precision, 1000 pF shielded capacitor designed specifically for calibrating charge sensing amplifiers.The voltage output from a signal generator is readily converted to a charge signal by connecting a capacitor in series between the generator and charge amplifier.

The transfer function is: Q = EC
Q = Charge, in picocoulombs (pC)
E = Voltage, in volts (V)
C = Capacitance, in picofarads (pF)

Since the capacitor is exactly 1000 pF, the transfer function simplifies to Q (pC) = E (mV). The charge must be expressed in units of pC pk if the voltage is expressed in peak units. Similarly, voltage rms converts to pC rms.

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