•Rugged, undamped
•Automotive standard
•750g full scale
•DC response

The Endevco model 7231C-750 is a rugged, undamped, medium g level piezoresistive accelerometer designed specifically for automotive crash test studies. This transducer has become the FMVSS 208 standard for anthropomorphic dummy response studies, providing measurements of head, chest, pelvis and other body accelerations in studies for safer vehicle and restraint design.

The model 7231C utilizes two active silicon strain gages and bridge configuration. This configuration provides for a low impedance output of 150 mV full scale with 10 Vdc excitation and shunt calibration capability.

The model 7231C utilizes an anodized aluminum housing and an open connector cover to allow for solder terminal pins to be accessed. A closed cover configuration with cable strain relief shielding the solder pin terminals is available on special order. This unit is also available with increased performance, providing for 1% transverse sensitivity (“T” special order. Endevco model 136 Three-Channel System, model 4430A or OASIS 2000 Computer-Controlled System are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply.


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