•Small size
•200 and 2000 g full scale
•DC response

The Endevco® model 7264 series is a family of very low mass piezoresistive accelerometers weighing only 1 gram. They are designed for flutter testing, modal testing, biodynamics measurements and similar applications that require minimum mass loading and broad frequency response. They may also be used for shock testing of lightweight systems or structures and meets SAEJ211 specifications for instrumentation for impanct testing and SAEJ2570 specification for anthromorphic test device trandsducers.

Model 7264 accelerometers have minimum damping, thereby producing no phase shift over their useful frequency range. The model 7264-200 has Endevco’s exclusive sapphire needle positive mechanical stops to protect against overrange shock. With a frequency response extending down to dc or steady state acceleration, these transducers are ideal for measuring long duration transients as well as short duration shocks.

The model 7264 utilizes Endevco’s Piezite® P-11 semiconductor elements in a half-bridge circuit, providing a low impedance output of 500 mV full scale at 10 Vdc excitation. Bridge completion resistors are normally located in the signal conditioning equipment and allow shunt calibration of the transducer. This unit is also available with increased performance, providing for 1% transverse sensitivity (“T” option), and ±25 mV zero measurand output (“Z” option).


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