•Mechanical overtravel stops
•Small size, rugged
•Crash and shock testing
•500 g and 2000 g full scale ranges
•DC response – long duration transients

The Endevco® model 7264B is a very low mass piezoresistive accelerometer weighing only 1 gram. This accelerometer is designed for crash testing, rough road testing and similar applications that require minimal mass loading and a broad frequency response. Used for shock testing of lightweight systems or structures, the model 7264B accelerometer also meets SAEJ211 specifications for instrumentation for impact testing and SAEJ2570 specification for anthromorphic test device transducers.

The model 7264B utilizes an advanced micromachined sensor which includes integral mechanical stops. This monolithic sensor offers improved ruggedness, stability and reliability over previous designs. The model 7264B has minimum damping, thereby producing no phase shift over the useful frequency range. With a frequency response extending down to dc (steady state acceleration), this accelerometer is ideal for measuring long duration transients as well as short duration shocks.

The model 7264B offers excellent linearity and a wide frequency response. Further, this accelerometer offers stable performance over the temperature range of -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C) and has a full bridge circuit with fixed resistors for shunt calibration. This accelerometer has a full scale output of 400 mV with 10 Vdc excitation. It is also available with less than 1% transverse sensitivity (“T” option). For calibration at 5 Vdc, request the M2 option.

Endevco model 126 and 136, bench-top 3 channel DC amplifiers, and model 436, a3 channel DC amplifier modular card are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply. U.S. Patents 4,498,229 and 4,605,919


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