• 20 000 g and 60 000 g ranges
• Lightly damped for exceptional survivability
• DC response • Low power consumption
• -55°C to +121°C operating temperature
• Minimal zero shift after shock
• Pyrotechnic and penetration

The Endevco model 7280A is a family of rugged lightly damped piezoresistive accelerometers designed for high amplitude acceleration, vibration and shock applications. The model 7280A features minimal mass loading, broad frequency response, and minimum zero shift during a shock event.

The model 7280A uses a unique micro-machined, piezoresistive sensor with light gas damping to attenuate resonant amplitudes, and mechanical stops to reduce breakage under overload conditions. The monolithic sensor incorporates the latest MEMS technology for ruggedness, stability and reliability to 4X full scale range. The accelerometer features a four-active arm bridge circuit. The light 1.4 gram package is designed to reduce the effect of mass loading for optimal frequency response.

See model 7280AM4 for integral 1/4-28 mounting stud configuration.

US patent 6,988,412 applies to this unit.

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