7284 Series

•20 000 and 60 000 g ranges
•Lightly damped for exceptional survivability
•Low power consumption
•Minimal zero shift after shock

The Endevco® model 7284 series is a family of rugged, lightly damped, piezoresistive triaxial accelerometers designed for high-acceleration shock measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes. This family uses three sensors that are mounted in a triaxial arrangement inside a single housing, which shares the same footprint and bolt pattern as the Endevco model 7280A lightly damped single-axis accelerometer. The accelerometer boasts a robust eight conductor cable that can repeatedly withstand the high-g shock environment.

The model 7284 uses a unique micro-machined, piezoresistive sensor with light gas damping to attenuate resonant amplitudes, and mechanical stops to reduce breakage under overload conditions. The monolithic sensor incorporates the latest MEMS technology for ruggedness, stability and reliability

U.S. patent number 6,988,412 applies to this unit.



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