•Small size, rugged
•Crush zone testing
•2000 g full scale
•DC response – long duration transients
•2 Vdc excitation; 10 mV fullscale (max)
•Offered with a cable or solder pads

The Endevco® model 7286 is a very low mass piezoresistive accelerometer weighing less than 1 gram. This accelerometer is designed for crash testing in vehicle crush zone applications, where reuse is not expected. It is very economical to acquire and own, reducing the overall cost of instrumentation. This unit has been designed and assembled using decades of experience that Endevco has acquired building sensors for the crash industry. As a result, the reliability of the 7286 ensures that critical data is recorded when needed at very low cost.

The model 7286 utilizes a micro-machined sensor which includes integral mechanical stops. This monolithic sensor offers ruggedness, stability and reliability. The model 7286 has minimum damping, thereby producing no phase shift over the useful frequency range. With a frequency response extending down to dc (steady state acceleration) this accelerometer is ideal for measuring long duration transient shocks. The performance specification is the ideal match for crush zone installations. The input and ouput of the 7286 are specifically tailored to systems using 2 Vdc excitation.

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