• 50 000 rads/s²
  • Low cross axis sensitivity
  • High shock resistance
  • Rugged and reliable design

Endevco® model 7302BM5 angular accelerometer is designed to provide accurate measurements of rotational acceleration. The sensing device consists of a temperature compensated piezoresistive accelerometer, uniquely designed to reject cross axis angular and linear accelerations. The sensor is fluid-damped to optimize frequency and phase response throughout the operating temperature range of 0°F to +250°F (-18°C to +121°C).
7302BM5 has a stable frequency to 1600 Hz and offers high angular and linear shock resistance. The accelerometer also provides a nominal sensitivity of 5.0 mV per krad/sec2 at 10 Vdc excitation voltage or 2.5 mV per krad/sec2 at 5 Vdc excitation voltage (nominal 250 mV full-scale output).
7302BM5 is designed for a variety of automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications. The accelerometer is ideal for dynamic automotive applications including crash testing, suspension and chassis vibration monitoring, and rollover detection. The accelerometer can also be mounted in anthropomorphic test dummies to measure rotational body accelerations experienced under impact. Additional applications for this accelerometer include motion analysis in shaft and drive train rotation for machine and turbine monitoring. Typical aerospace applications include flight control systems and ejection seat testing.
Endevco model 136 three-channel system, model 4430A or Oasis 2000 computer-controlled system are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply.

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