• 2000, 6000, 20 000 and 60 000 g ranges
• High resonance frequency
• LCC package is SMT or hand solder compatible
• No damping for fast response time
• Minimal zero shift after shock

The Endevco® Model 75 series is a family of rugged, undamped, piezoresistive triaxial accelerometers designed for high-acceleration shock measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes. This family uses three sensors that are packaged in a mutually orthogonal arrangement in a leadless chip carrier (LCC) package that supports mounting by surface mount technology (SMT) re-flow soldering (with epoxy underfil) or adhesive mounting (with hand soldering).
The Model 75 utilizes the same highly efficient sensing system as the Model 71, 7270A and 7274 accelerometer families. For each axis, the sensor is sculptured from a single chip of silicon, which includes the inertial mass and strain gages arranged in a four-active-arm Wheatstone bridge circuit. The Model 75 is available in ranges from 2000 g to 60 000 g, with all three axes having the same range. Selectable ranges per axis are available by special request.

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