Battery Dry Chamber

This chamber provides solvent drying and moisture removal in the production process with a short period.

It performs high temperature heat treatment in a vacuum or inert gas, and prevents oxidation of the workpiece. Perform treatment with a temperature ideal for the drying of positive electrode rolls, negative electrode rolls, separators, and their workpieces.

Reduce the drying treatment time
Chamber performance is enhanced to reduce the time for raising and lowering the temperature of the workpiece.
For example, it is designed with a cooling function to lower the temperature of the workpiece to ambient temperature so the workpiece can be removed.
Enhanced temperature control performance
The chamber provides greater temperature uniformity of the workpiece and enhanced temperature uniformity during temperature exposure even in a vacuum, thereby improving the quality of the workpiece drying treatment.
Prevents oxidation of the workpiece
To prevent oxidation of the workpiece at high temperature treatment, inert gas is introduced to the vacuum, thereby preventing oxidation of the collector.
Main specifications
Performance Temperature control range +30°C to +250°C
Pressure control range 993×102 to 1×102Pa
Inside capacity 500 to 2000L
Operating mode Program operation: constant operation with 20 patterns and 99 steps