Charge Amplifier

This compact Charge Amplifier has 3 signal routes. When it is used as the Charge Amplifier for the vibration analysis system (Wave Stocker), all setups are possibly the upgraded software.

  • Desk top/portable use in both way compact 3 signal route Charge Amplifier
  • Usable as Charge Amplifier for vibration analysis system (Wave Stocker)


Model VM-1980/3
Input Signal Piezoelectric Accelerometer
Frequency Range 0.4 ~ 20kHz
Charge Sensitivity Setting Range 0.01 ~ 999pC/(m/s2
Measurement Range 3.3 ~ 66000 m/s2(for Charge Sensitivity1.5p C/ m/s2)
*depends on Charge Sensitivity of Accelerometer
Filter Response
Low Frequency Cutoff Trough,3Hz,10Hz(-18dB/Oct)
High Frequency Cutoff Trough,1kHz,10kHz(-18dB/Oct)
Calibration Signal 160Hz,±5V  Sine Output
Alarm Indication
Over Range Red LED light-on(HOLD)
Under Range Green LED light blinking(1sec. HOLD)
Power Supply DC12V(Exclusive Adapter)
Ambient Temperature / Humidity Range 0 ~+50℃ 20 ~ 80%RH
Outward Size 240(W)X150(D)X35(H)mm 0.6Kg

Standard Accessories

No. Item Quantity Remarks
1 3 channel Charge Amplifier 1
2 Power Source Adapter 1 AC100V 50/60Hz 41VA
3 Instruction Manual 1 Inspection Certificate on the last page


No. Item Remarks
1 RS-232C Cable RS-232C Communication Cable 1.5m
Sensitivity, Range, HPF, LPH can be set up by PC
2 Pin-jack Output Cable 0.3m Single lead shield wire, Monaural pin-jack- BNC
3 BNC output Cable 1.5m BNC-BNC Cable 1.5m(RG-58AU)
4 Connection Cable For connection to 2 or more VM-1980

Applications (Connection of the External Equipments)


Outward Size

Outward Size