Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber

Overview of Equipment:

Compact ultra-low temperature chamber reach to -85°C

High performance and reliability in a compact package covers from an ultra-low temperature of -85°C to +180°C. Thanks to N-Instrument and its optional Ethernet connection, you can control and monitor the chamber remotely via web browser. It supports languages English, Russian and Japanese.

Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
MC-712 -75 to +100°C
(-103 to +212°F)
W400×H400×D400 / W900×H1200×D610
MC-812 -85 to +180°C
(-121 to +356°F)


Wide temperature rangeTwo chamber models are available: one with a temperature range from -85°C to +180°C and another from -75°C to +100°C. They can be used for various tests including temperature characteristic and low temperature storage.Remote monitoring and control (Ethernet connection)Add an optional Ethernet/LAN Port to connect the chamber to your local area network, then control and monitor it from any computer on the network or off-site using a web browser.* This operation can only be performed when the power breaker is “ON”Using sampling dataSampling data (temperature set point and process value) can be copied via a USB memory device or recorded directly. It is also possible to copy program patterns between chambers without using a PC, enabling effective use of data.* USB memory is not included.

Photo: Test area
Test area
Photo: USB memory port
USB memory port
Figure: Program copy and computer editing

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