Desk-Top Type High-Temperature Chamber

Overview of Equipment:

High performances in a compact design

15, 28 or 39L capacity are available for this desk-top chamber that achieves ±1.5°C uniformity at 200°C.

Ideal for drying or heat-treatment processes, the desk-top High Temperature Chamber covers a wide range of applications.

Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
ST-110 Ambient temp. +20°C (+36°F) to +200°C (+392°F) W220×H280×D250 / W300×H435×D540
ST-120 W400×H280×D350 / W480×H435×D640
STH-120 Ambient temp. +20°C (+36°F) to +300°C (+572°F) W360×H240×D330 / W480×H435×D640


Customized stand for moving and stacking 2 chambers (optional)Two chambers, a recorder and other instruments can be installed using the same floor space as the installation of a single unit. The stands is equipped with casters, enabling the units to move easy and simple.Various usage from drying to heat treatmentThe chamber is equipped with forced ventilation mechanism that vents moisture and gas released from the specimen to the outside, which quickly dries the inside, and draws in external air to cool down the specimen when completing an operation. Heat treatment can also be efficiently performed by closing the damper.Large viewing window for observation of test progress (Type B1)

Photo: Sample installation of stacking stand (optional)  Sample installation of stacking stand (optional)
Photo: Inside the ST-110 chamber Inside the ST-110 chamber
Photo: Inside the ST-120 chamber Inside the ST-120 chamber