Digital Charge-input Vibrometer VM-1970

This is a Digital Charge Amplifier type Vibrometer covering 1Hz ~100 kHz Conversion of the Measured value and Change of the Units are all done automatically. Measurement Function are selected by the Soft-touch Keys. It saves the users from complicated operations. Reading indication is easy.

  • Conversion of the Measured value and Change of the Unit can be automatically made according the Pickup Sensitivity or Filter Response. Indication by CGS unit is available.
  • H Function that is convenient to detects of the defective Bearings.
  • Level Alarm Function (A Connector for the Output from the Relay Contacts is prepared as Option.
  • Vibration Severity Calculation according to ISO-10816 is available.
  • Frequency Range: 1Hz ~100 kHz
  • Automatic Data Processing by GP-IB is possible . (Option)


Model VM-1970
Input Signal Piezoelectric Accelerometer
Frequency Range Acceleration: 1Hz ~ 100kHz (±3dB), 3Hz ~ 70kHz (±0.5dB)
Velocity: 3Hz ~ 6kHz (±0.5dB)
Displacement: 3Hz ~ 600Hz (±0.5dB)
Measurement Range
(for an Accelerometer of
Charge Sensitivity 1.0~9.99pc / m/s2)
Acceleration 1,10,100,1000,10000m/s2,5-Ranges
Velocity 3Hz~ 1,10,100,1000 cm/s 4-Ranges
10Hz~ 1,10,100,1000 cm/s 4-Ranges
30Hz~ 0.1,1,10,100,1000 cm/s 5-Ranges
Displacement 3Hz~ 1,10,100,1000 mm p-p 4-Ranges
10Hz~ 0.1,1,10,100,1000 mm p-p 5-Ranges
30Hz~ 0.01,0.1, 1,10,100 mm p-p 5-Ranges
H Function Value of Acceleration passed through 1kHz Low-pass Filter after processed by the 2kHz~15kHz Band-pass Filter. Unit is same as of Acceleration.
Filter Response Lower Cutoff Frequency: (LOW.F):OFF (1Hz),3,10,30Hz
Higher Cutoff Frequency: (HIGH.F):300Hz,1,3,10kHz, OFF,(100kHz)
Cutoff characteristic: -18dB, Butterworth
Indication rms : Mean Square value
EQP: Equivalent Peak estimated from average value
PEAK: Peak value
P・HOLD: Held Max. Peak Value
Level Watching Function Alarm Level Step: 1 Step foe every Channel
Setting: 0 ~110% for every range
Alarm Output: 1a Relay Contact Output Alarm Output : 1a Relay Contact shared by every channel ITTL Level Output for each individual channel
Contact Capacity: DC3VDC 0.5A, AC120V 0.5A
Output Waveform: Voltage: (Load 10kΩ or higher)
Level Output: Voltage: (Load 10kΩ or higher)
Calibration Output: 80Hz Sine
Ambient Conditions For Operation: 0 ~ 40°C, 0 ~ 85% RH or lower
Power 100V AC ±15%, 50/60Hz, ≦20VA
Battery: D size 4 pcs. Life 10 hours or longer
External: DC9~12V
Main Unit Size ・ Mass 200Wx150Hx290Dmm (excluding Handles and other protrusions) Approx. 5kg

Standard Accessories

No. Item Qty Descriptions
1 AC Adapter 1 For AC 100V
2 AC Adapter Plug 1 Accessory of above
3 Output Cable 1 1.5m
4 Screw Driver 1 Minus type
5 Fuse 2 2 ampere
6 Main Unit Plastic Cover 1
7 Instruction Manual 2


No. Item Remark
1 Auxiliary Output Connector For Alarm Relay
2 Conversion Transformer For AC Adapter

Applications (Connection of the External Equipment)

AC OUTPUT (for Full Scale +5V, Load 10kΩ or higher
Waveform Output・・・Oscilloscope ・ Stroboscope ・ Data Recorder.
DC OUTPUT (for Full Scale +5V, Load 10kΩ or higher
Vibration Level Output・・・Pen Recorder