For Automotive Parts

 For Automotive Parts

Electrodynamic multi-axis 4 poster systems

Accurate waveform reproduction is achieved over a wide frequency range up to 500Hz by employing electrodynamic vibration generators.

3-axis simultaneous test systems

Test system for the automotive tyre industry, used for evaluating the transfer characteristics of a tyre at varying air volumes and ride comfort.

Torsion vibration test system

By building compact shaker on top of a multi-axis test system and exciting both systems simultaneously, reproduction of ‘real road’ 6-DOF and torsion is achieved.

6 DOF simultaneous squeak and rattle car component test system

Air cooled 6-DOF vibration test system for evaluation of squeak and rattle noise from instrument panels, consoles, car interior parts and seats, etc.

6-DOF large vibration test systems

Reproduction of ultimate vibration realism for testing ride comfort of car seats with a 6-DOF vibration test system.

200mm peak-to-peak displacement vibration test system

System is particularly suited for applications requiring high velocity at low frequencies. The system has a high over-turning moment due to 4 linear guide bearings, allowing test of specimens with a large offset centre of gravity.

6-DOF simultaneous squeak and rattle system for instrument panels

6-DOF vibration test system with 8 compact, silent type shakers for squeak and rattle acoustic noise evaluation of instrument panels.

Diagonal excitation vibration test system

Diagonal excitation for two-wheels vehicles. Angle of rotation for the vibration generator can be adjusted in 1 degree increments.

Torsion test system (6-DOF + Torsion vibration test system)

6-DOF vibration test with measured running data is possible. Torsion on car body during running can be simulated. Torsion extraction for car equipment.

Environmental test systems

Environment test system combining vibration, temperature, gasoline circulation, oil circulation and rotational drive.

Exhaust system durability test

Durability testing with hot air and vibration. Air temperature range from 200oC to 900oC, air flow from 2 to 10m3/min provided from hot air generator is applied into the exhaust system.

Dynamic spring constant measuring system

Highly accurate testing and analysis are possible over a wide range frequency range from 1Hz up to 2000Hz.

Low acoustic noise 3-axis vibration test system + guide rail

Vibration test system can move along the guide rails. The system can be combined with other test equipment if necessary, for example for a temperature chamber.

Low acoustic noise 3-axis vibration test system

Simulation testing using actual measured data or more traditional random testing is possible in 3-axis simultaneous excitation. When combining the shaker system with a half anechoic room, 3D squeak and rattle testing in an environment with a background noise level of less than 30dB is possible.

Vertical / Horizontal changeover chamber combined a vibration test system

Used for durability testing of on-board battery chargers and inverters/DC-DC converters for electric cars. Vertical and horizontal excitation, both combined with a chamber, is possible.