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Vibration Test for the fatigue testing of copper plate

Especially developed for the fatigue testing of a copper plate by customizing a compact shaker from IMV’s m-series. Simultaneous testing of 12 sheets of copper plate is possible with this compact system.

High speed camera + vibration test systems

By combining IMV vibration test technology with high speed video capture and image processing technology, the behavior of a specimen can be monitored during durability testing in super slow motion of 2000 frames/sec.

Vibration test system with acid resistant table

A standard specification slip table with alumite coating for example is not suitable for vibration testing in the battery industries due to damage caused by leaking battery chemicals. A specially formulated coating for the slip table is applied which is resistant to battery leaks.

Pressure proof flexible duct

The neutral position of horizontal slip table can be adjusted and the slip table displacement is controlled as well. This allows a specimen to be permanently and rigidity fixed on one side and mounted on the slip table on the other side.