For Transportation Test

 For Transportation Test

Underslung 6-DOF vibration test system (Railway testing)

Combination of 10 vibration generators (6 vertical and 4 horizontal) and a 4000mm by 3500mm large-scale moving table allowing simultaneous, multi-point vibration testing. This versatile vibration platform is ideal for testing large items such as railways carriage parts and fuel cells.

3-axis simultaneous vibration test systems

simultaneous, multi-axis vibration data acquisition with IMV’s vibration measurement unit built in to a railway container. Data is subsequently used for a real waveform 3-axis simultaneous vibration test.

3-axis large vibration test system for transportation system

Vibration test system for very large specimens. Moving table size is 3000mm x 2000mm composed of 2 off 60kN shakers for the Z axis.