High Power Battery Tester

LIB module evaluation system with power regeneration function

LIB modules are growing in capacity and voltage by combining cell batteries. ESPEC offers a charge-discharge evaluation system for these large battery modules.

Install up to three power supplies per control rack, and configure up to four control racks (with a total of 12 power supplies) for parallel control.

The number of parallel control can be adjusted according to battery capacity and test items flexibly.

Achieve high power with parallel operation of up to 12 power supplies
12 power supplies: 120 V/2400 A
Charge time: 96 kW/
Discharge time: 144 kW
Simultaneous test system operation
The test chamber and charge-discharge power supplies can be operated simultaneously as part of the evaluation system. You can easily perform various standard tests with a combination of temperature conditions and charge-discharge conditions.
Touch panel controller
This system has a programming function for up to 1,000 steps, and it can be connected to an external host computer using the equipped Ethernet port.
Main specifications
Model HPBT-120-200 HPBT-600-40 HPBT-40-600
Number of power supplies Maximum 3 channels/control rack
Charge range 8 kW
(0 to 120 V, 200 A)
8 kW
(0 to 600 V, 40 A)
8 kW
(0 to 40 V, 600 A)
Discharge range 12 kW
(4 to 120 V, 200 A)
12 kW
(20 to 600 V, 40 A)
12 kW
(2 to 40 V, 600 A)
Output voltage range 0 to 120 V 0 to 600 V 0 to 40 V
Output current range 0 to ±200 A 0 to ±40 A 0 to ±600 A
Sampling rate 0.1 sec
Number of parallel controls Maximum 12 channels
Control rack dimensions W 711 × H 1830 × D 762mm