The laser trimmer maximally optimizes active trimming know-how built up over an extended period of time. The compact unit is packed with advanced features that surpass conventional units.

Special & Advantages
Active Trimming: Improved operability & enhanced processing capacity
We have improved operability and enhanced the processing capacity of active trimming by combining the Windows and Realtime operating systems. We have put together various options which add flexibility to active trimming which is already diverse.

High grade processing & high functionality achieved
By using the original fiber laser, we have made high grade processing and high functionality a reality.

• Thick-film hybrid and surface-mount devices
• Thick-film and Thin-film chip registers
• Module substrates
• Car electrical devices
• Various sensors (current or pressure etc.)


Item Specifications Remarks
Model and Output power SL432R-MX: 6W@10kHz SL432R-5E: 6W@10kHz SL432R-5ES: 4W@10kHz MX Yb: fiber laser (wavelength 1062nm) 5E Nd: YAG laser (wavelength 1064nm) 5ES Nd: YAG laser (wavelength 532nm)
Field size 80 X 80mm
Trimming speed (max) 400mm/s
Positioning Repeatability ±10μm Short time
Positioning accuracy ±25μm Excluding hysteresis and temperature drift
Monitor magnification x 35 – x 70
XY stage Repeatability ±5μm  AC servo motor driven
Probe unit Probe card up and down AC servo motor driven
Probe unit stroke 1 – 40mm (Programmable) Down position teaching is possible.
Matrix scanner 32ch
Resistance measurement range 0.01Ω – 100MΩ Accuracy ±0.01% of value (Mid range)
For low super – resistance
Voltage measurement  ±30V Full scale voltage ±0.05%+1mV
Computer PC-AT HDD, DVD-Multi drive, color LCD
Software TKY Program OS: WINDOWS XP (- 2014) WINDOWS 7 (2015 -)
Function language (VB)
Safety Laser Class 1
Pattern recognition system Search area 640 x 480pixel By the monitor magnification
Utility SL432R-MX Dimension: Approx. 855(W) x 1330(D) x 1340(H) not including display, signal tower Weight: Approx. 800kg Power: AC200V±20V, 1φ, 20A (50/60Hz) Air: Dry Air (0.5Mpa)
Option Theta stage Mechanical clamp stage Additional DC scanner, Max 320ch Probe card