Low Frequency Vibration Signal Conditioner VM-5123 / 6

Vibration Measuring System

Low Frequency Vibration Signal Conditioner
(for Low band vibration measurement)

A compact Signal Amplifier to make optimal signal processing being connected with the Servo type Accelerometers. It is used for Vibration Acceleration Measurement, Waveform Observation, for various Analysis in combination with the AC Voltage Meter, Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer respectively. Furthermore, Voltage signals from the Microphones or Sound Level Meters can be output to the instruments like Recorders along with the Vibration Signals.
  • Very Light Weight・Compact Design (920g)
  • 6 Channels (Vibration Signal Inputs) +2Channels (Voltage Signal Inputs)
  • Connectable to 3 Axis Pickup
  • Sensitivity Range Change-over +Low-pass Filter
  • High Signal / Noise Ratio
  • Connectable to Wave Stocker


Category Functions Descriptions Details
Amplifier Measurement Channel Vibration Input ×6 (CH1 ~ CH6)
Voltage Input ×2 (CH7 ~ CH8)
Voltage Inputs from Servo type Accelerometer (Single Axis type, 3 Axis type), Noise Level meter, Pressure meter, Thermo meter,
Input Combination CH1 ~ CH6 AC/DC
CH7 ~ CH8 DC
CH1 ~ CH6 AC: 0.1Hz ~DC, :Zero Adjustment・Gravity Acceleration Cancellation DC only
CH7 ~ CH8 DC only
Frequency Response CH1~CH6
CH1 ~ CH6 Variable Low-pass filter to be set as fc=20Hz. 50Hz. 100Hz
CH7 ~ CH8 Low-pass filter to be set on or off of fc=20KHz
Measurement Range CH1 ~ CH6
CH7 ~ CH8
±5V Full Scale Voltage Signal
Output Signal ±5V Full Scale Voltage Waveform Signal 2 Signal Routes (for Recorder, for Waveform Data Acquisition, Analysis)
Linearity ±0.5% Full Scale
Inter Range Error ±2%
S / N Ratio 60dB~100dB or more >100dB(Measurement Range:10m/s2)
>96dB(Measurement Range:1m/s2)
>80dB(Measurement Range:0.1m/s2)
>60dB(Measurement Range:0.01m/s2)
Calibration Signal Output 12Hz Full Scale equivalent Calibrated for 0.01m/s2 Range
External Control Measurement Range Low-pass Filter Controlled by TTL level Signal
Power 9 ~12VDC, 2A
Power Consumption 4W Increases by(0.8×Axis Number) watts connected with Pickups
Ambient Environment 0~+50℃
Outer Size 240(W) x 150(D) x 35(H) mm
Mass Approx 920g


Category Function Content Details
Hardware Output cable Mini plug – BNC 1.5m
Battery pack Continuous Operation : ≧3hrs.
for 6ch Measurement
Battery for Lap top

Optional Application

For Performance Improvement of Ultra Precision Equipment as of Semiconductor Production Facilities
Best suitable for Measurements of Micro Tremor of the ground or bridges, Vibration of Floor, Evaluations of Vibration Isolation Effects.

Optional Application