Shock & Vibration datalogger AccStick

Shock & Vibration datalogger AccStick

This is a data logger for capturing a shock and a vibration event. The extremely small device with built-in 3D accelerometer, flash- memory and rechargeable battery has been released.
3D acceleration waveforms are captured via high speed sampling, at 1600Hz max.
Measured data can be described and converted to .csv file via PC software.

Startup Guide
Instruction Manual
PC software(zip:2,627KB)


  • Acceleration measuring with widely range
    To measure the acceleration with accuracy, 2 type of accelerometers for vibration,±16G, and for shock,±400G, built into a single unit.
  • High speed sampling
    Acceleration waveform can be captured by high speed sampling, up to 1600Hz.
  • Small package
    The extremely small unit, 32.4×21.0×10.5 mm, will enable you to measure 3D acceleration in any location.
  • PC software
    Via PC software, you can configure the measuring setting to AccStick, and download the data. Measured data is converted as .csv file into your PC automatically.
  • Accelerometer calibration(Optional service)
    To measure 3D acceleration with high accuracy, we provide you optional calibration service. Test report & traceability chart will be attached with your device.


Product Shock&Vibration logger AccStick
model A01-16400
Accelerometer Vibration sensor ±16G with 3axis MEMS
Shock sensor ±400G with 3axis MEMS
Configuration range(G) Vibration sensor 2,6,8,16
Shock sensor 100,200,400
Sampring period(ms) 0.625 – 160(selectable, 0.625ms is for vibration sensor only.)
Flame 100-500,000(selectable)
Trigger mode Imidiate、Timer、Acc.、Timer&Acc.
Memory 4MB Flashmemory(up to 500,000 data)
Power Lithium polymer rechargeable battery(85mA/h)
Duration up to 72 hours(Acc. trigger mode at 20℃ with full charge )
Depend on temperature, measuring or battery condition
Size (mm)/ weight(g) W32.4 x D21.0 x H10.5 / 15g
Operational temperature 0~+60℃(without dew)
PC software Measuring configuration, data download, csv file output
Accessory Private cable for AccStick、micro USB cable