Suga Abrasion Tester NUS-IS03

Testing with superb reproducibility

This instrument tests the abrasion resistance of aluminum anodic oxide films, plating, coatings, plastics, rubber and other products.
The abrasion ring rotates 0.9deg with each reciprocation, making the specimen always rub against a fresh surface of the abrasion ring (one complete 360 degree rotation takes 400 reciprocations). The abrasion ring rubs against the bottom surface of the specimen, make the dust fall without remaining of the specimen surface and preventing it from slipping after repeated abrasion. This design delivers outstanding reproducibility and linearity in comparison with the conventional Taber abrasion.
All kinds of grinding paper can be used, and with a wide range of specimen holders available, not only plate-shaped specimens but specimens of many different shapes can be attached to the instrument. Tests can be designed flexibly in accordance with the specimen’s actual use condition.

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