Vibration Level Meter

Vibration Level Meter
(for Vibration Pollution) Made by ACO Co., Ltd

  • Awarded Model Approval as a “VIBRATION LEVEL METER” according Japanese Industrial Standard JIS C 1510-1995 by Measurement Act ( Model Approval NO. W033)
  • Most suitable to vibration measurements of Construction Work Vibration, Road Traffic Vibration to follow the Vibration Regulation Act or to solve the Environmental Problems
  • Measurements are displayed on the large LCD Display with a back light as the digital numbers or bar graphs.
  • Data processing or management is easy using Data Management Software (Option).
  • Using an exclusive Tripod, the displayed Vibration Level gets easier to be seen.


Applicable Act Measurement Act JIS C 1510-1995
Measurement Range 30~110dB
Frequency Range 1~80Hz
Level Range 2 Stage Change-over in 20dB step 30~90dB 50~110dB
Linearity 75dB
Measurement Item Vibration Level Lv, Vibration Acceleration Level Lva, Power Average Leq,
Maximum Lmax, Minimum Lmiv, Time Rate Vibration Level Lx (5values)
Measurement Time 1s,3s,5s,10s,1min,5min,10min,15min,30min,1h,8h,24h
Manual (Max. 199h59min59s)
Bar Indication Indication Period 64ms
Battery Indication Left Available Time in 4 steps
Memory Function Calculated Value saved in the Memory (approx.550Data)
Halt Function Usual Momentary Halt
Calibration Signal Calibration by the Signal from the build in Oscillator (31.5Hz sinusoidal wave)
AC Output Output Voltage: 316mVrms(F.S.)
Output Impedance: 600Ω
Load Resistance 100kΩor higher
DC Output Output Voltage: 2.5V(F.S) 0.25V/10dB
Output Impedance: 50Ω
Load Resistance 100kΩor higher
I / O Terminal Interface RS-232C (unsynchronized )
Power AA battery 4pcs. or AC Adapter
Battery Life
(Continuous use)
Alkaline Cell: approx. 20 hours, Manganese Cell approx. 10 hours
Use with Back Light lit on: 1/3 of above
Ambient Temperature Temperature Range:-10 ~ +50℃
Humidity : 30 ~ 90% (no condensation)
Main Unit Size・Mass 85W x 220H x 48D mm, 380 g (incl. Battries)
Pickup Size・Mass φ70×46 mm, Approx.380g (incl. Batteries)

Standard Accessories

Item Model Quantity Remarks
Major Unit Vibration Level Meter TYPE 3233 1
Accelerometer VP-1220E 1
Pickup Output Cable BC-0233-3 1 3m
Accessory Carrying Case 1
AA size Manganese Cell(SUM-3) 4
Instruction Manual 1


Item Model
Option AC Adapter AC-1026
Extension Cable 5m BC-0233-5
Extension Cable 10m BC-0233-10
Extension Cable 20m BC-0233-20
Extension Cable 30m BC-0233-30
Interface Cable BC-0026-3
Output Cable BC-0073
Printer RS232C type BS-80TSL
Data Management Software* NA-0233-3
AC Adapter for Printer AC-1016
Roll Paper for Printer BS-80-15
Conversion Adapter KDA-60
Hand Strap HS-1220E

*Requirements for applicable PC:OS/ Windows XP SP2,2000 Memory/512MB or more